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Opportunities for research

Arte Med Assistance, LLC is a privately owned research management company specializing in cutting edge developments in pharmaceutical and device research. Participation in multi-center international clinical trials is one of the primary company’s activities.

Research Centers
Therapeutic Areas

Arte Med Assistance, LLC was founded in August, 2010 year and represents a network of independent clinical research sites in Russia (St. Petersburg). The company works as site management organization and provides full assistance for its sites during all stages of study conducting process to ensure quality and accuracy of work. Such collaboration allows us to work in different therapeutic areas (therapy (cardiology, endocrinology, pulmonology, rheumatology etc), surgery, neurology, oncology, psychiatry and dermatovenerology). Our positioning hand by hand with major medical centers of St. Petersburg gives us unprecedented access to technological resources and patients with specific disease states.

Access to patients and source documents: legal agreements are signed with all Institutions covered to allow clinical trial coordinators (CTC) work inside with source documents. Arte Med Assistance, LLC conducts multiple clinical trial protocols in almost every therapeutic area and attracts patients from St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region (approx. 6 million citizens).

Arte Med Assistance, LLC when acting as site management organization (SMO) provides the following services for investigator sites:
- Protocol procurement
- Feasibility and site identification
- Contract negotiation
- Legal support
- Site staff training
- Study start-up
- Local EC submission preparation and follow-up
- Study subject recruitment
- Patient logistic assistance
- Study management
- Document management, including paper and electronic documentation
- Coordination of monitoring visits/audits
- Study communications and query resolving
- Database lock/site close-out/archiving

Why choose Arte Med Assistance, LLC:
- Site network including in/out-patient multi-field facilities served for all patient categories
- SMO involvement will not cause increase of grant amount for Sponsor/CRO
- All sites in the network are working on one Local Ethic Committee umbrella
- CTC availability is 27/7 to resolve any issues raised
- Wide network of referrals could be used for increase of recruitment rate

Arte Med Assistance, LLC, therapeutic areas of expertise:
- Cardiology
- Endocrinology&Metabolic diseases
- Urology
- Neurology
- Psychiatry
- Acute care&Anesthesiology
- Respiratory
- Surgery
- Allergology&Immunology
- Rheumatology
- Dermatology
- Oncology

Arte Med Assistance, LLC, therapeutic place of acting:
- City out-patient clinic #120, served for approximately 10000 patients
- Psychoneurological dispensary of Frunzenskiy disctrict, served for approximately 3500 patients
- Psychoneurological dispensary #10, served for approximately 1500 patients
- Psychoneurological dispensary #1, served for approximately 1000 patients
- Psychoneurological dispensary #2, served for approximately 5000 patients
- Dermatovenerological dispensary #8, served for approximately 30000 patients
- «Doctor SAN», LLC – private multi-field clinic with in-patient facility – 20 beds capacity
- Psychiatric hospital #7 named after Pavlov – 300 beds capacity
- Psychiatric hospital #3 named after Skvortsov-Stepanov – 1200 beds capacity
- Pokrovskaya City Hospital – 1500 beds capacity
- Vsevolozhsk Central Regional Hospital – regional multi-field hospital with out-patient clinic - 600 beds capacity

Our philosophy at Arte Med Assistance, LLC to put a term «Good Clinical Practice» in practice. We want to be highly selective but realistic in the studies that we conduct. Our first goal to devote the time and resources required according to the study specific requirements to achieve or exceed study recruitment target and maintain quality of data provided to the Sponsor. We continually invest in the education and technology necessary to conduct quality research.

Our activity:
- 1 current study (psychiatry, Major Depressive Disorder): 2 Arte Med Assistance sites are involved, both enrolled first patients in 1 week after Initiation – 3 patients screened by «our» 2 sites for 1 week and 3 patients enrolled by a rest of 13 sites for 1 month.
- 3 studies (psychiatry, endocrinology) are planned to be started in February – 6 Arte Med Assistance sites were the first sites provided whole package of start-up documents.
- 1 study (allergology) at site identification stage - 2 Arte Med Assistance sites were assessed and selected finally.